Stunt Boy Street Balance Game

Par  Creatiosoft

Publié:02 mars 2014
Version: 1.0
Téléchargement: 0-100
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The game includes the balancing game excitement with the puzzle ball game and with the electrifying car racing game unlimited along with a rotating world of animal for a survival. List of 8 games: 1. Level of adventurous saga begins with addictive Ball Game, Ball in the Boxes, , the best addictive brain game ever, start this bouncing ball game by using your brain puzzle solving ability to put each rolling ball into the right boxes of the same color 2. When you complete this level meet new crazy car infinite racing challenge to show you driving ability to the world Beware! There’s a crazy Traffic out there of fire in the race of champions. The race track gives you the feel like formula 1 grand prix track. 3. Thus this addictive saga shows you another age of wild theme with lots of animals, after ninja jump, penguin jump,etc. this time for Tufo. Here Tufo adopt jungle jump for survival from the animal rather than the city jump or space jump. Make mega jumps to win this survival task. This task brings you to a rotating land and you have to jump high over the animal to save your life. 4. Fun era not ended yet... the time has arrived to check out your building ability without any disbalance, so examine yourself for tower balance. In this Balance box game you have to show balance mania to world by adjusting the boxes to the finish line. 5. In childhood days the most played brain storming game was Ball vs Bricks. Three rotating bouncing falling ball will fall on moving sticks, by the accelerometer you have to break the bricks in this brick breaker game. 6. After Balance the ball and balance the box, this turn to balance the boy on the sticks and on the spring location on a crazy pole vault. The jumping boy is standing on the pole by the help of the spring, retain that boy to be in balance by the accelerometer. 7. Thus in the another level a nerdy boy is standing on the slippery plane, help the boy, not to fall on the dustbin to be retain in equalizer by your sense of using the accelerometer. 8. Further you'll see the superlative challenge for the same to save boy, lovely girl and Sumo fighter by doing the same operation.


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