Squash Champ: Sports Challenge

Par  Creatiosoft

Publié:02 mars 2014
Version: 1.0
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Squash Champ is simple & ultimate mobile sports experience and addictive sports game based on realistic physics. Grab your racket in your own virtual four walled squash court or sports court and choose a partner in order to start the game and keep on smashing the ball. You can even practice playing squash even if you don’t want to play against partner. With this free squash game you can experience all the main strokes, strategies, and exercises like a professional sports player who plays in Worlds Sports Championships (timed matches) in Summer games and can improve your stamina and sports technique in no time without having any Multimedia Squash Training Course. Squash Champ offers bigger sports challenge with fast and fluid gameplay and a huge range of unique player styles and characteristics. Get your playing score at score board (scorecenter) of game, which shows your & opponent’s score in each level. A must-have sports game for sports fans especially for tennis players or squash players. How to Play! The ball must strike the front wall & must not strike the floor before hitting the front wall. After it hits the front wall it should only bounce once before being struck by the returning player. If ball bounce twice or more on floor before you return to it, it will increase 1 point of the opposite player. Steps: 1. Select a player: Boy or Girl 2. Tap Hit button to hit the ball. Choose hitting option: Automatic or Manual. Automatic: Simply hit shots Manual: Hit upward and downward shots on your choice. 3. Supports tilt (accelerometer) and touch-screen to move selected player back & forth Game includes 2 modes: Practice Mode: Practice in this mode as it includes no opponent. CPU Mode: Selected player will play against CPU. Includes 3 levels: 1. Practice 2. Defendable 3. Unbeatable As the level increases, difficulty in the game increases. In every level winner of the game is the first player who reaches 11 points. Tip for you: the center of the court is a very strategic place. Always keep an eye on the corners and you won’t miss any serve. Game Features: ★ Stunning virtual squash tournament court with HD graphics and great Sports soundtrack. ★ Player select option, hitting option and many interesting control options makes you feel as if you’re actually playing squash game or tennis game or you’re in fantasy football world.


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