Pyramid Mystery Maze Game

Par  Creatiosoft

Publié:02 mars 2014
Version: 1.0
Téléchargement: 0-100
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The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity. Solve this mysterious pyramid maze game, give a right direction to a chemical element, exhibiting rays of light disorderly. The goal of the game is to split a beam of white light into the primary colors and redirect them into colored goals using mirrors. Its a maya pyramid to find a way to get out from this jewles maze of light. You will really need to make an effort to solve them all. In case you need help there are hints for each level. If you strive for perfection you can try to achieve "perfect score" at each level. Discover the Aztec world divided into 2 basic elements – water and fire. Its a brainstorming game which include lazors and mirrors, ranging from easy distractions to hard challenges so in this laser saga each mirrors & reflections have its own importance for solving the maze extravaganza. Who always in search for the uniqueness in puzzle game like Unlocking games and labyrinth games, get ready to face this escape challenge. Don't under rate your ability because its not a baby game (Kid game) play this memory game and be a Memory mastermind and flow freely from any type of tension because game is made for your enjoyment so try again and again and achieve more score.


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