Ninja Cop Clash Deluxe


Publié:28 mars 2014
Version: 1.0.11
Téléchargement: 101-500
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Looking for the newest addiction in highly addictive games with professional graphics and effects? This. Is. It! Get ready to be transported to a "Samurai Land" filled with creatures and zombies trying to take over the world! The whole world is counting on YOU! Some of the main features include: -Lots of challenging and highly addictive fun levels that increase in difficulty as you advance... Up for the challenge? -Professional graphics that will catch your attention, and everyone around you, from the start! -Amazing sounds and effects!... Forget about cheap game versions...this one looks and feels real! -Super easy to use interface but highly challenging enemies that will engage anyone and everyone! -Just tap on the buttons and the Hero Samurai can: •Jump •Punch •Kick •Run •Use it's multiple powers! -As you defeat the enemy you will earn coins. The more you earn the better powers you can get! And you will need the best to beat The BOSS at each level! Choose from many including: •Iron hands •Rocking Boots •Bionic arms •Steel Helmet Just to name a few... What are you waiting for? The world is counting on your samurai skills! Start kicking and punching into your newest game addiction now!


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