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Publié:16 mai 2014
Version: 1.20.03
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Recommended by WPcentral.com, TUAW and PR Web. MoWeather now is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. *** 100,000+ pictures uploaded everyday engage you seamless connection to accurate weather all around the world *** - Experience the weather like never before. - Enjoy the comfort from latest accurate forecasts. - Plan your personal/business life better. - Catch beautiful moments at your location. - Share your discovery journal with the world. - Explore new dimension from people live in the same city. - Give a like on the picture you like. - Shorten the distance with your favorite cities. Features you want: • Simplified setting and neat layout. • Customized units switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. • Auto refresh 15-day forecast. • Real feel temperature. • Share friendly function. • Endless weather picture stream. • All-in-One social sharing hub. • Personalized moment timeline. How to use: - Swipe vertically for updating reliable weather information. - Swipe horizontally to switch cities - Submit photos on Real View page located on top right corner - Speak out in the hiding message box on Real View page. Seal your plan better with MoWeather. Together, we make you a better day!


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