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Publié:02 mars 2014
Version: 1.1
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Your phone is slow? Your memory is full? Your data is not secure? Want to clean your android phone? If you answer is yes, then you MUST DOWNLOAD 'Master Cleaner'. 'Master Cleaner' helps your android phone. It makes it faster and more secure. Increase Memory/ Task Killer - Make Applications and Games faster with 'Master Cleaner'. Clean or remove unnecessary files (cache and wastes) which can occupy valuable space. Clear - Protect your privacy by removing personal information , such as search and browser history. Application Management - Move apps to SD card , remove the preinstalled applications and backup apk files. Junk Files - Clean residual cache files Cache files, and waste can accumulate on Android devices and take gigabytes of storage space on your phone. Can help clean junk files free memory on the device and the SD card . Memory Boost - Make your device faster by increasing memory Tasks running in the background , not only keeps the system memory RAM, but lose their battery life. Memory Boost can run in the background to stop other applications and more free RAM to speed up your Android device . It also includes a link named " Boost 1 Touch" and widget Boost 1 * 4 , easily accessible from the main screen . Running Applications and Games for Android game faster than ever before! Privacy - Clear History Privacy is important, and many of your applications record your personal information, such as Google's browser, search history, and much more data. 'Master Cleaner' can suppress this information and keep your personal data safe. App Manager - Move files to SD, Backup, Uninstall apps. An Uninstaller is an improvement over the standard version of Android, which is also capable of creating backups of apk files.


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