Halloween Hair Salon

Par  gameimax

Publié:16 oct. 2014
Version: 46.1
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Halloween Hair Salon We can have 3 different services: Makeover, Hair Salon & Dressup. Makeover : * Give lovely Bath * Cleanup with Towel * Cleanup Dirty nose with Paper Napkin * Give Amazing Facial to your halloween Hair Salon : * Cut its Hair * Dry its hair * Hair oil to make its hair grow * Make a Curly hair * You can also Straitning hair * Make a colorful hair with given 15+ hair shades Dress Up : * 1000s of possibilities with dressup * Use of multiple Accessories Makeup & Dressup! Benefits / Features: * 3 types of different game integration in single app * Different options available including hair salon,makeover,dresses, * 1000's of different combinations/looks possible. * Post your halloween's new look on social networking sites * Save the final look in your photo album. * In your phone, make different photos matching your friends halloween and assign the photos as display pics for their contact name by saving your creation in photo gallery and than assigning to the contact number.


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