Get Growing - Free Kids Game

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Publié:31 janv. 2015
Version: 4.3
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Want to grow fruits, vegetables & fruits in your own garden then ready for gardening, Get Growing kids game here for you grow fruits, flowers and vegies in your garden. This game will help kids to learn gardening. Let your kids try the funny and interactive game "Get Growing". In this kids game players have to apply all gardening activities like digging, plowing, seeding, watering, harvesting and more. After collect vegies & flowers in to sparest bucket. Send all fresh fruits and flowers to parents. Also make a juice of veg and drink to be healthy. Key features: ==> Select cute kids character from given four characters ==> Various activities included like: ==> Match the gardening tools ==> Various gardening tools available to growing flowers and vegies ==> Very smooth to play without any interruption ==> Fantastic sounds, graphics and animations included ==> Many other features included to make this game interesting ==> Absolutely FREE to download no In App purchase Get it now this amazing free kids game, its very helpful for kids. Now start to seeding fruits, flowers & vegies in your garden.


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