Angry Heroes

Par  akirov

Publié:02 mars 2014
Téléchargement: 0-100
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The craziest fantasy MMORPG game of all times! Get ready for tons of great humor, comic situations and skits with the most famous MMORPG cliche. You will find a fascinating world of fantasy, evil and clumsy bosses, exciting quests, mini-games, and thousands of online players ready to challenge you. Features: - The game is featured in a MMORPG fantasy genre, with cool graphics in a comics style and visual effects. - An unique game system that allows thousands of players to challenge each other online. - Innovative in-game economy, that balances the strong and weak players in a single game world. - More than 300 types of cool items which can be used in millions of unique combinations. - Hundreds of different quests generated with a sophisticated algorithm. - Dozens of cool bosses. - Co-operative multiplayer, enabling groups to fight each other or against computer generated opponents.


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